We are now online!

Get your meat delivered to your door...

John and Stuart Smith, the father and son team who have owned and run J Hutchinson Butchers in Bradford Market for over 40 years, are proud to announce the launch of their new website and are inviting customers old and new to order online the quality products which have been fundamental to the success of the business, and have your order delivered to your front door.

When lockdown was announced at the end of March, J Hutchinson’s remained open at the market, but footfall was almost non existant. For Stuart and his dad John they were scary days, with an eery silence falling on the previously bustling market, but John and Stuart were determined that no pandemic was going to stop this historic business, the original J Hutchinson Butchers was established in 1889, from doing what they do best – serving customers quality locally produced products.

“If our customers couldn’t come to us then we would go to our customers,” said Stuart.
They moved the business online, initially using the company’s Facebook page to promote a short product range.
“We started by offering pre-made up packs in sizes and prices which would appeal to everyone. They ranged from £20 to £40, and as we already had a refrigerated van, we were able to deliver to our customers.”
The online trade started to build, but following an advert in the T&A, what had been a steady trickle, quickly became a torrent, with a new customer base discovering J Hutchinson Butchers, along with their long-established clientele.
As the online trade grew, so did the product range and Stuart, having to spend the best part of two hours a day doing admin surrounding the orders, needed a more efficient and user-friendly way of serving his customers.
Stuart got in touch with Japinder Aujley at the Telegraph & Argus, who advised him on the best way to approach developing an ecommerce site for J Hutchinson.
Now, with J Hutchinson Butcher website up and running Stuart believes they have achieved the right balance without losing the personal touch.
“All our research told us people wanted was a website which they could easily navigate and place their order,” said Stuart.

For the full article, please visit - https://www.thetelegraphandargus.co.uk/news/184962...